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Bee Keeping

Our Aim:
  • to reverse decline in bee population
  • to increase pollination of crops and thus food production
  • to provide training and income earning opportunities for locals
    • to produce honey and wax  products for locals and tourists
  • to provide source of interest and workshops to tourists
  • for the project to become self funding after initial support
How it began
  • US Peace Corps volunteer Jeffrey Malcom introduced training during 2014/15

  • Sol Puye continued further training supported by JAG

  • further training at a bee centre in Sami Karantaba

  • several Just Act members involved

  • catcher boxes and hives constructed

  • hives placed in local gardens

  • 2106 Soap making 

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This is an ongoing project being run by Just Act
Beekeeping support
What they have
  • 4 sited hives

  • catcher boxes

  • two protection suits

  • basic soap making equipment

How to support
  • donate £10 to purchase a hive

  • donate protection suits etc

  • beekeeping books

  • if you are a beekeeper we would welcome your knowledge and support

    • for a short or extended stay

Useful websites

Updated October 2017

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