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Development of Tour Guide Training by YEP  from  Nov. 2017

An invitation to tour guide training

in conjunction with
National Youth Council
01Yep ProgramCrop.jpg

Opening of training with Chief, Sanna Sidibeh District youth chair for JJB, Lisa, YEP tourism consultant/trainer and Mo Conteh an elder from the community

An exciting announcement was made in November 2017 after having to keep quiet about developments over the recent months

 JUST Act had put forward a proposal to YEP about developing Sustainable Tourism in Janjanbureh and surrounding areas. This was supported by Just Act Gambia, the charity,

in providing funds for creating the proposal and inevitable travel costs

Read the blog announcement here

  • November 16th:  Omar Jammeh invited to meeting with YEP to develop sustainable development of tourism in the Janjanbureh region

  • November 21st: five days of training for young people in Janjanbureh as official tour guides started by ITTOG, (Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia) NCAC (National Centre for Arts and Culture) and funded by Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), in trying to unlock potential opportunities........

The training included

  • developing community tours with the aim of creating activities in which the visitor has an

    • educational

    • emotional

    • social and participative interaction

with a

  • place 

  • its living culture

  • the people who live there

leading  to

  • understanding the value of cultural diversity by the process of learning and sharing experience between tourists and the host community

The ability to access appropriate knowledge that does not belong to one’s own culture is seen by many visitors nowadays as one of the most valuable experiences

Tour guide training is the first step towards a long term aim to develop Janjanbureh as a second destination for tourists. Visitors already come to Janjanbureh either through organised tours or as individuals. The immediate presence of more trained local licensed guides can only enhance their experience.

With the coming Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival the guides will be providing tours not only on the island but in satellite villages. 

The whole aim is for "communities to offer and enable guests to interact through cultural exchange and preserve their norms and values without distorting or commercializing their beautiful culture". The training is ongoing in identifying such places.

November 2017

Images from the early training
The Trained Guides

Trained guides

Marong Camara  

Jalamanag Danso     Muhammed Fatty

Isatou Foon

Musa Foon

Omar Jammeh

Modou Jange


Muhammed Kebbeh

Muhammed L Saidykhan

Kaddy Sanneh

Mustapha Sanneh

Pampalo Sanneh


Taka Titi

The Training of Trainers (ToT)

Some of our guides from Janjanbureh joined representatives from GTB, ITTOG and  NCAC

to become Master Trainers if Trainers - T0TS in  Community Based Tourism (CBT)

Follow it here 

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