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Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival 

The first Kankurang Festival supported by YEP funding
took place  January 15/16th 2018.  It is planned to become an annual event

18th/19th/20th January 2019.

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Marketing and publicity:  Muhammed Saidykhan (Justice):   Phone:+220 364 6208
President Janjanbureh Kankurang and Events  Omar Jammeh    Phone:+220/2222446


Follow 2019 developments/updates on our blogs
Dec 19th Introduction to the Festival 2019
Why a Kankurang Festival in Janjanbureh?

Purpose and expected outcomes

"There is growing evidence that there is a demand for new forms of tourism which are more culturally and community based than in the past. Many people now want experiences rather than sights; doing rather than looking and taking part rather than acting as a spectator. The Janjanburay Kankurang and Masquerade Festival will provide such a unique experience to visitors.
The main purpose of the festival is to showcase the unique cultural expression of the Kankurang and other masking traditions of West Africa so that the Island will gain visibility and attract more and more visitors who would like to experience an intangible authentic cultural heritage"

The Tradition of The Kankurang  

From Mboka Festival information

"Janjanbureh is well known to be the birthplace of the Kankurang masquerade in the Gambia. The Kankurang masquerade tradition forms an integral part of Madinka initiatory rites and rituals. The term Kankurang is a combination of the Mandinka words “kango” and “Kurango” which literally translate as “voice” and “enforce”, respectively. These terms could be said to refer to the empowerment of the voice in order to enforce the rules set by members of Mandinka society. In essence, the Kankurang is a central figure in a complex ritual system which comprises traditional practices linked to the initiation of young people and the protection of society and the environment."

The initial 2018 Festival was part of the larger two week Mboka Festival
Read about it here

About 60 visitors came from all over Europe through the NGO Naturefriends

Read about them here

Read a blog with images of the festival here provided by YEP

who supported the festival organising committee in collaboration with the National Centre for Arts and Culture, the Gambia Tourism Board and the Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism.

To view the Official Kankurang Festival Video for 2016 open below 

or click here

Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival Official Video trailer

Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival Official Video trailer

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