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Our Immediate Aim

To support Just Act towards independence

Therefore  raising funds to support

  • grant applications

  • contingency funds

  • reimbursements for key roles

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Current monthly
reimbursement aims

       Role                                            Per month       @60 £

  • Gambian Director                     2200GD             £36.00

  • Accounts                                     1000GD             £16.66

  • Communication officer            1000GD             £16.66

  • Communications                         800GD             £13.33

  • Contingency funds                    2000GD              £33.33

                                                                           Total   £115.98

Contingency fund is variable but location of Janjanbureh inevitably adds travel costs/ transport of goods etc
By Project
Help  run for one year


       Role                                Per month       @60 £

  • Football Manager         1000GD             £16.66

  • Male F/ball Coach         800GD              £13.33

  • Coach for females         800GD              £13.33

                                                             Total    £33.32

Additional fees for tournaments (3 per year)

               Fees                         GD              @60 £

  • Registration                 2000             £33.32

  • Refreshments              1000             £16.66

  • In case of injury           500               £8.33



Fund building a hive         £10   (we aim for 14) 

Fund a workshop               £30

It is possible via My Donate to make a regular monthly payment.  Please see below or click on a donation link

Make a donation via My Donate to make good use of Gift Aid

If you would like your money to go to something specific please also use the Contact Us link to define

Just Act Gambia have used My Donate since the beginning of 2013.  Donations go directly into our account at the end of each week and  Gift Aid monthly.  The ONLY deductions for us are the card charges.  There is NO MONTHLY FEE for the charity to pay and NO COMMISSION taken as with some other organisations.  There are no charges to you. It is perfectly safe for you.  

About My Donate

Updated October 2017

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