We are lucky to be partnered and working closely with several very active partners

There are many Georgetonians  (Janjanbureh’s colonial name was Georgetown) living in the UK and elsewhere who are eager to support their home town through practical and financial support.  

Janjangbureh Foundation is set up primarily to be an open and transparent source for central funding  for projects. It was formed based on the unique closeness of the people of the community  which is a good recipe for ensuring development across the board.



It is open to all descendants, residents, and well-wishers.  Being the home of Armitage Senior Secondary School, the only boarding school in the country, the town is held with much affection by many ex students who are also keen to show their support.


Registration and Annual membership is required

to show commitment but recognises financial 


Development Strategy

  • to help every sector of the island looking at how to influence the town development programme from business setting,  allocation,  education,  tourism, religion,  etc. 

  • to continue to preserve the rich  tradition and cultural values for which the town is well known 

  • promoting gender equality

  • the right to a standard living for all

Working with others

  • open to work with any person or persons who will to give support directly to the  foundation  or any other organisation with the same interest

  • happy to be partnered with Just Act Gambia

  • chair and founder Jane Smith has taken part in their first Skype meeting in late April’16

Find out more

All activities of the foundation can be found on its website and any enquiries can be directed to its executive through the available contact details found there.

Janjangbureh Foundation Web site 

Janjanbureh Facebook


Putting Responsible Tourism into Action

At ASSERT, we are passionate about supporting our members to succeed. Encouraging them to trade fairly in the pursuit of sustainable development. And therefore, contributing to the conservation of the physical environment and the social and economic welfare of the community in The Gambia.

Just Act Gambia was a member of the previous ASSET and has benefitted from training opportunities with them over the years.  Adama Bah, the founder of the organisation initiated the establishment of our plantation and ASSET was responsible for organising and delivering part of the training for our tour guides in 2013. They have been an excellent source of support and we continue to work with ASSERT, newly formed in 2018 

Activista is a volunteer network of young people and students across rich and poor countries connected to ActionAid.  'Empower and enable young people to actively participate in decision making and political processes that affect our lives, and build our capacities to create social change for sustainable development, thus significantly improving ActionAid’s efforts to end poverty.

Build Activista the Gambia as a diverse youth friendly movement that creates a sustainable platform for young people to realise and have solutions to our problems, by working with partners locally and globally.'


Activista The Gambia is providing training and marketing for youths in Janjanbureh.

JYFCA provides youths the opportunity to develop their intellectual,  athletic, and social skills in a challenging and safe environment.  They are determined to provide programs that bring young people together from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. JYFCA focuses on three core program areas 

Character and Leadership Development

  • Education and Career Development

  • Community Development


JYFCA Responsibilities under the MOU:

JYFCA shall undertake the following activities

  • Unify the youths in order to support and participate in the community's development activities

  • Identifying and implent projects that will provide a platform which educate, and create job opportunities


JustAct Youth Group Responsibilities Under the MOU

JustAct shall undertake the following activities

  • Promote the idea of community based and sustainable tourism

  • To help on training youths on life skills and entrepreneurship

Updated August2018

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