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JAGShiki Designs Part 2

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Its a good thing I am an early riser. It is now 9am and I have finished cutting out all items for the girls outfit

  • fleece for jacket

  • red dress

  • dashiki appliqué trimmings for dress - including POCKETS! )(Not pcckets)

Summing up what I have achieved today

Besides an aching body from my Body Balance class as I have not been attending with my usual regularity

  • Everything is cut out for all outfits except for final decisions on whether I embellish the fleece side of boy's jacket? But I have worked out what can be used for it.

  • Experimented with whether I will quilt the fleece and discovered my approx 45yr old Elna Supermatic will not sew fleece…. tried different needles etc! Luckily recently I was given a Frister and Rossman with a walking foot and that copes. It also enables me to have two machines on the go, threaded with different colours. This material demands many changes

  • Girl's trousers are completed bar inserting elastic and hemming, just straight forward sewing one material!

  • Girl's dress, plain sides been appliquéd with remnants for central tear drop

  • Pockets added having had to redo one, making two for the same side!!

  • Had to add some satin stitch to edge as blue border was consequently a little uneven but there should never be a hole in the pocket now

  • Boy's borders have been appliquéd and back yoke joined but yokes not yet attached.

Having cut the borders to fold just above the white dots in the brown border I realised how attractive the little yellow zigzag line was but I had not left enough to top stitch it so had to seam it from underneath.

All of these raise funds for Just Act Gambia

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