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The development of tours continues involving surrounding communities

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Under the continuing guidance of YEP the tour guides are looking at areas away from the island to develop potential Community Based Tourism thus not only widening the experience for the visitors and their interaction with everyday life there but also helping to provide income to these communities.

They are aiming to provide these tours in readiness for the first Kankurang Festival on January 16th 2018

Quoted from The Kankurang Festival Facebook group

"There is growing evidence that there is a demand for new forms of tourism which are more culturally and community based than in the past. Many people now want experiences rather than sights; doing rather than looking and taking part rather than acting as a spectator. The Janjanburay Kankurang and Masquerade Festival will provide such a unique experience to visitors.The main purpose of the festival is to showcase the unique cultural expression of the Kankurang and other masking traditions of West Africa so that the Island will gain visibility and attract more and more visitors who would like to experience an intangible authentic cultural heritage"

A visit was made to Korop village and Fula wedding was demonstrated to them. They later proceeded to Kesser Kunda to visit Musa Molloh memorial grave yard. Finally they visited Kunkilling forest part

Read about Musa Molloh here

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