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A monumentous day in The Gambia yesterday, 15th May 2018

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

YEP - Youth Empowerment Project launched Youth and Trade Roadmap of The Gambia 2018-2022 Tourism Sector and Omar Jammeh, the Gambian Director of Just Act Gambia was honoured to represent the youths of The Gambia on the main platform amongst Government Ministers, Ambassadors etc and the Vice President of The Gambia as can be seen here.

This is recognising his valuable contribution in serving youths in the country in his role as Regional Youth Chairperson of the National Youth Council for Central River Region and his role in creating JUST ACT NYC organisation.​

The vision of the Roadmap is to

  • Foster the creation of diversified tourism products and services

  • Reinforce youth skills through vocational training and TVET strengthening

  • Develop and reinforce youth entrepreneurship in the tourism sector.

To see a live video please see here. Omar is introduced after 11.30mins.

At 15.30 he challenges those present to encourage the Area Council to relinquish power to the Youths to run the Youth Centres at Wassu and Janjanbureh.

Just Act Gambia wish to congratulate Omar on being invited to join this stage

and for doing so with such confidence.

You make us proud


Since summer of 2017 JUST ACT have been an important part of the development of this Roadmap through:

  • initial consultation

  • training of tour guides in Janjanbureh

  • five of whom selected as Trainers of Trainers (TOTs)

  • development of Community Based Tourism tours in CRR villages Jamali and Tabanani and in Foni Ndemban in Western Region Explore details of these developments under the Janjanbureh and Sustainable Tourism heading here

A summary is provided here from YEP Facebook

Further recent activities

April 24/25th the Youth Activist members of the TOTs team, minus Omar Jammeh (who was in Nairobi

representing Just Act at the first Pan African Youth Summit for FGM) attended an international workshop in monitoring Sustainable Development Goals inThe Gambia.

In addition, ongoing training is being provided upgrading service standards in lodges, service providers and restaurants in Janjanbureh and surrounding areas, the most recent being a Coastal Gambia Study Tour - 10-13 MAY


"The vision is to improve the sustainability of Janjanbureh as a tourism destination, reinvigorate the respective roles of each tourism stakeholder and develop inclusive and sustainable tourism products and services through youth empowerment."

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