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JUST ACT meet with Jufereh through the extraordinary power of Facebook

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

On Saturday 26th July the Responsible Tourism Mingle, a group set up by Jayni Gupter and now hosted by Mustapha Bah, held their Mingle based in Jufereh. Eight JUST ACT members travelled from Janjanbureh where their Community Based Tourism concept was shared and emphasised by promoting cultural tourism to enable maximised growth and minimise negative effects. This would not have happened if it was not for girls playing football two years ago!!!

Please read the fascinating developments.

Just Act Gambia were pleased to support by subsidising travel costs

JUST ACT was among the participants where 8 members led by Omar Jammeh attended the Mingle. Highlights of the Mingle was the information sharing and the role CBT can play in up country. CBT trainer Omar Jammeh stated some of the issues and gave out remedies that Jufureh can use to be more attractive.

The Minglers also visited Kunta Kinteh island and the slave museum. After the July Mingle, Janjanbureh was named as the next host Saturday August 25th." Justice Saidykhan

This event is a result of the power of Facebook.

June 2016 Just Act female football academy were playing an inter school Gala competition and won at regional level and were now representing the region at national level. However few of the girls had football boots and would not be able to compete. An emergency request was made to raise sufficient funds. A Facebook friend put me in touch with Omar Jatta. That friendship has been maintained and we have met in an event in Bristol. Omar Jatta is closely involved in JAYS

Juffureh/Albreda Youths Society

Wanting to develop tourism in more responsible manner there,

I connected Omar Jatta with Omar Jammeh. Omar Jatta has found Omar Jammeh’s advice invaluable and

the result was this meeting on Saturday.

It is amazing to consider that if the girls had not been in that football tournament I would not have friended Omar Jatta and this development would not have occurred!

Jane Smith

NB. There are a vaiety of ways of spelling Jufereh. We have used Google Maps version

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