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JUST ACT attends Eco Village Youth Summer Camp

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Report of the eco village summer camping held in July Submitted by participant Muhammed 'Paso' Kebbeh

Muhammed Kebbeh has been a very important member of JUST ACT for many years and has always been particularly interested in developing permaculture, having attended courses wherever possible. Just Act Gambia was pleased to support his expenses so he could attend another worthwhile session. Our Secretary, Victoria Goodall, also attended, already being in the area. This is his report.

"The aim of the camping is to create resilience for member community to protect the environment in a holistic approach, Flora and fauna, create M.O.U and partnership with eco friendly zone, developing permaculture , Creating art work construction company like Sandele,

Lectures and facilitation of knowledge during the camping were... Entrepreneur development

Partnership and business development

Leadership behavior

Permaculture practice on how to grow seedling and using soap and other foods without chemically process. Planting 75 trees around the beach of Sambuyaa village at South Gunjur to reduce overgrazing of land and prevent erosion.

Met an organization called SOS save the turtles nesting (Karting youth group) There were 30 youth attending the program.

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