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Continuing Sustainable Tourism links with Koungheul, Senegal

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Yesterday our Gambian Director, Omar Jammeh, was in Koungheul across the border in Senegal together with Adama Bah and fellow Trainer of Trainers, Isatou Foon, developing the essential links between the two countries.

This is developing the the visit made earlier this year with International Friends of Nature

Read about it here

and here

"I joined partners in Senegal on the "Landscape of Africa" which includes two border countries, The Gambia and Senegal (Janjanbureh and Koungeul) to share best tourism practices and experiences in Responsible, Sustainable and Community Based/Cultural Tourism to enhance tourism awareness around Koungheul region.....

The training workshop is organised and funded by International Friends of Nature (IFN) and local partners of Koungheul and attended by cross section of stakehoders…"

Shayxu Jahkite "A Nice workshop and privileged moments to share with Gambian ''nature friends'' local potentialties that must be deveopped for a sustainable tourism...

It's a biginning of a lot of projects between Koungheul and JANJANBUREH"

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