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Make your visit to The Gambia benefit the Gambians!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Delighted to report that the development of Community Based Tourism continues up river in Janjanbureh, CRR

and the villages of Jamali and Tabanini.

This has been developed by the five ‘Active Youths’ whose training leading to this can be followed here (Stage 1) and here (Stage 2) (These are all members of JUST ACT)

The support of YEP, in funding this; Gambia Tourism Board in promoting; Chief of Janjanbureh, Bakery Jam Jawo; the Youth Committee; Ministry Youth and Sport, represented by Saikou Jobe and the Deputy Governor has been vital in all aspects. The Area Council are urged to complete this support by handing over the Youth Centre in Janajnbureh to serve as an Information and Resource Centre.

Any visit upriver to Janjanbureh, in addition to the traditional hippo sightings and historical tours can be enhanced by exploring these two villages where you will see real Gambian life and skills at the same time knowing that your support is going to those villages.

Report by Muhammed Saidykhan

Gambia Tourism Board Launch CBT Project in Janjanbureh.

The Gambia, October 2nd 2018

The Gambia Tourism Board on Tuesday launched the flagship project of the Community Based Tourism Project at a ceremony held in Janjanbureh.

The CBT project that is funded by The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) will see two communities namely Jamali and Tabanani to benefit from the project that will be implemented by GTB with five young people who are trained on CBT.

Speaking at the launch, the Chief of Janjanbureh Bakary Jam Jawo, welcome the project and urge the 5 active youth to be committed to the project.

The vice chairman of Janjanbureh Youth Committee Bobo Barry thanked the Youth Empowerment Project for the support rendered to the young people of Janjanbureh and urge the youth to take advantage of the opportunities.

The Youth Coordinator of CRR, Saikou Jobe who presented the Ministry Youth and Sport said his office is also available for young people to explore opportunities as there open door policy. Mr Jobe implored the young people of the region to be agent of change and urge the two communities of Jamali and Tabanani to very proactive in the implementation process of the project. Jobe also called on the Janjanbureh Area Council to duly hand over the Youth Center.

The chairperson of the regional youth committee of Central River Region

Omar Jammeh highlighted some of the projects YEP had implemented in the region, notably the hospitality training, Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival, entrepreneurship training, tour guide training etc. Jammeh in his remarks appeal(ed) to Janjanbureh Area Council through the District Chief and ward councilor facilitate in the handing over of the Janjanbureh Youth center.

Speaking on behalf of the funders, the Project coordinator of YEP Madam Fatoumatta Jallow Mbenga urge(d) the beneficiary communities to put the best of commitment to the project.

The goal of the project is to see Janjanbureh becoming the second most Tourism destination in the Gambia, lots of resources will be spent and time but again for the success of the project we have to imply the most of our commitment to it Madam Jallow stated.

The deputy governor of Central River Region Ansumana Keita also reiterate(d) on the importance of the project and sent his sincere gratitude to GTB and YEP for coming out with this worthwhile project. Deputy Governor Keita join(ed) in appealing to Janjanbureh Area Council to quickly handover the Janjanbureh Youth Center to the young people of the region as there are projects hanging that should be implement(ed) at the center.

Speaking on behalf of the Director General of GTB, Lamin Bojang stated that the current government had put the youth of the Gambia top priority in the National Development Plan.Youth, empowerment and employment are key to the government of the Gambia and we are ready to commit our time and resources to see that the opportunities available reaches the young people.

We aim to transform the youth center in Janjanbureh where it can serve as a resource center and information center for the youth. That is why we are in keen dialogue with the Janjanbureh Area Council to handover the center to the youth so we start investing at the center.

In conclusion Mr Bojang officially launch(ed) the Community Based Tourism project in Janjanbureh.

Muhamed Saidykhan.....

PRO Regional Youth Committee, CRR

Active Youth Isatou Foon

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