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Preparing CBT experiences for the new season!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Following the launching by The Gambia Tourism Board on October 2nd of the flagship project of the Community Based Tourism Project

at a ceremony held in Janjanbureh

our Active Youths split to go to the two nearby villages

Jamali and Tabanani to continue training and development.

Three days training covered:-

1. Build Local Capacity

2. System management and facilitating CBT club led by chairpersons

3. Book keeping and Accounting system

Jamali team were Isatou Foon and Muhammed Jawneh and led by Demba Baldeh, Master Trainer

Tabanani were Jalamang Danso and Omar Jammeh, led by Lamin Bojang, Master Trainer

Clicking on the range of images received will tell the story

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