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A New Way to Experience Up River Gambia

Yet again NFI African Landscape of the Year 18-20 has brought about new experiences and new opportunities for both the visitor and locals as featured in this months informative on line magazine ‘My Gambia’

A participant in that first visit was German engineer and keen hiker, Gernot Henn.

Having communicated previously, finally met with Gernot January 2020 and his enthusiasm for developing hiking trails was evident. He had met with members of JUST ACT at the start and began to explore and develop six one day trails on his repeated visits.

Named as Baobab River Hiking Trails they vary in length from 6-15.8km

They are all drawn up on digital maps and published and viewed free of charge on “Outdoor Active” app

The objectives:-

  • To include the local population

  • Sustain treatment of nature and resources

  • Cross-border cooperation

  • Exchange, develop and promote nature-oriented and eco-tourism

  • Create employment opportunities

  • Combat poverty

What an opportunity to develop your experiences of up river in The Gambia! I hope I can return before too long and take part.

Do explore the many articles in the magazine this month and past issues.


Thank you Gernot for taking so much time in developing these.

Thank you My Gambia for your continued support for JUST ACT and Central River Region. You are making a difference!


Gernot can be contacted directly:-

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