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How did Community Based Tourism arrive in Janjanbureh?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I was proud to be asked to write an article for the excellent

online magazine My-Gambia for their celebration of one year of publishing. This last year they have covered a huge range of information and articles and is the go to place to seek information whether you are new to the country or a many times visitor/ resident and anything in-between!

The task was to explain the effect of Community Based Tourism upriver in Janjanbureh.

The question was asked just as I was reading my memories about trying to set up the charity, Just Act Gambia, 12 years ago with the main aims of bringing Sustainable Tourism to the island. At the same time 12 years after, it was announced that the island was opening its Tourist Visitor Centre, one the charities first aims. Certainly not the work of the charity any more but perhaps it had some part to play in it.

Training based on 'Fresh From the Field' forming the basis for Community Based Tourism.

YEP tourism consultants in partnership with NYC, GTB and NCAC

with two consultants from International Trade Centre (ITC) both based in Thailand, Potjana Suansri and Peter Richards

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