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NFINL/7/20:Covid and solidarity

by MAMADOU MBODJI / Vice-President Naturefriends International, President African Naturefriends Network, Deputy General Secretary Association Sénégalaise des Amis de la Nature (ASAN)

The socio-economic foundations of the people living in the Landscape of the Year were severely shaken by the Covid 19 pandemic. All sectors of the economic and social life of the population already affected by the climate crisis will now be further weakened by the effects of the corona pandemic. Against the backdrop of this unprecedented health crisis, German Naturefriends have launched a solidarity campaign of great importance, which will help to strengthen the resilience of endangered communities. Thanks to the donations of the couple Christine and Johannes Borst-Rachor from Offenbach am Main and Philipp Fuge from Berlin, around 3,500 Euros were distributed to five villages in the Landscape of the Year region: Koungheul Socé, Koumbidia Socé and Maka Gouye (Senegal) as well as Njau and Janjanbureh (The Gambia).

Since not every single villager could be provided with the amount, we decided together with our local representatives to give priority to the most vulnerable people who have accompanied and supported the activities initiated and carried out in the framework of the "Landscape of the Year" in the past three years. More than a hundred people have thus benefited from this aid during this period of drought, which is so severe for rural areas. This symbolic gesture thus gives the population some breathing space in the crisis.

This action, which has come at a crucial moment, must also be seen in the context of a permanent dialogue between peoples based on international solidarity. In any case, this gesture, made by people over great distances, is a clear demonstration of the strong bonds that unite Naturefriends from the North and the South.

The recipients of the donations commemorate with great gratitude all those whose actions also strengthen peaceful coexistence through solidarity between peoples. Their thanks also go to Naturefriends International as initiator of the Landscape of the Year, which was invaluable for the participating villages and their habitat. Convinced of the ideals that inspired its foundation 125 years ago, Naturefriends International will never deviate from its goal of working hand in hand for a solidary international understanding.

Berg frei! Kellé!

Read the full Newsletter here with access the German and French

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