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Poultry Farm in operation for a month

Updated: May 6, 2022

The poultry farm funded by Enabel has been up and running for over a month now after the training as reported by Elegance Media in early March

With the trainers

Currently employing five people:- four seen here...

1. Farm manager - Lamin Ceesay, in cap

2. Accounts officer

3. 2 site workers who take charge of the slaughter house.

4. Security guard

They are responsible for the to day to day general activities of the poultry house. This is making a great impact in reducing the unemployment amongst youths

The live chicks are brought from the Kombos at one day old then reared for three weeks having freedom to move in the structure and organically fed.

Built to exacting international standards

The slaughter house can slaughter 100 or chickens daily depending on the supplies from

the poultry house but currently is building up from approx 100 a week.

The chickens are being sold fresh within the community and surrounding areas, targeting the lodges, guest houses restaurants and local families.

A motorised tricycle has been provided by IMVF to transport locally

Any surplus are frozen, stored and sold from the Youth Booth. It is intended that the Youth Booth will be an essential part of the business set up as a marketing outlet for the fresh and frozen chickens processed at the poultry unit.

This is a huge benefit to all as previously the majority of produce was imported. Now there is fresh produce or recently frozen of a known traceable source.

There are further various suzed poultry farms in the nearby villages in the region and their produce can be slaughtered and processed here offering a valuable service to them.

Read previous blogs on the development

April 21...clearing old JUST ACT Banana Plantation to create Poultry Farm

August 21 .....Still constructing the base walls etc

Sept 21....more images

Dec 21.....18th December saw a graduation celebration of 44 cash for workers, youths who have been involved in the construction so far of the Slaughter House and Poultry House Scheme

Thank you to all who has brought this into being.

Funded by Enable, RIEC, Coopi, IMVF/Tekifii and the EU

and so much hard work by

the youths of Janjanbureh and JUST ACT

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