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Successful Progress in December For Poultry Farm

The Slaughter House in Position

December is proving to be a good month for JUST ACT!!!

18th December saw a graduation celebration of 44 cash for workers, youths who have been involved in the construction so far of the Slaughter House and Poultry House Scheme

Funded by with Enable, RIEC, Coopi, IMVF/Tekifii and the EU

"A milestone development and

JUST ACT growing from one step to another"

Indeed the month of December has seen much progress for JUST ACT and the next stages of the Poultry Farm and Slaughter House .

Early December saw members of JUST ACT travelling to the Kombos for a meeting with IMVF, Enabel and ITC

It was noted that the building constructions on our old banana plantation are now complete and the slaughterhouse was already delivered and sitting on a 26x28m slab. The necessary power and water supply was discussed and has to be sorted. The eventual aim is solar power but currently prohibitive in cost.

It is intended that the slaughterhouse will serve other poultry farmers in the area.

The poultry house infrastructure is to be constructed for broilers and it is hoped that this will be completed by the end of December.

The poultry business is to be developed in stages with training from Tekkiffi in the new year for the broilers first then moving on to the more complex needs of layers. There is room on the site for this at a further stage.

In consideration of possible cross contamination the slaughter house and broilers are to be run as separate business units with different managers.

Currently the Youth Booth is a base for selling poultry but it is expensive sourcing and transporting from the Kombos. The advantage of having fresh local poultry will prove to be even more profitable.

JUST ACT Youth Poultry and Slaughter Farm Youth Cash for workers Graduation

Speakers, Chief of Janjanbureh , Lady Councillor, JUST ACT Chair,

Coopi rep and Governor of CRR

Business plans for these next stages have to be prepared by the end of this year involving intense work for JUST ACT.

Just Act Gambia were pleased to support this month providing the necessary travelling and subsistence costs for the meeting in the Kombos

Congratulation JUST ACT on all your determination and dedication

in bringing such a worthwhile project to the community

where youths have had the opportunity to learn new skills and earn cash.

It is one which will benefit the whole community and surrounding areas.

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