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Thank you from Hon.Omar Jatto Jammeh

Greetings from Honorable Omar Jatto Jammeh,

Member of Parliament for Janjanbureh Constituency.

As I officially begin my function at the National Assembly representing the People of Janjanbureh Constituency and the Gambia, I humbly request for your continuous, prayers, support and guidance.
On behalf of my campaign team, I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to my family, friends, individuals, supporters and more importantly the electorates, the people of Janjanbureh and Gambians at large.
Thank you all for the support.”

This was a hard won victory as, standing as a true Independent, there was no party financial support. All such had to come from individuals who thoroughly believed in him.

There are so many groups to thank, forming such strong teams

  • The youths of Janjanbureh who have benefited from

    • His initiatives

    • His leadership

    • His inspiration

  • The elders

  • The teams in The Kombos encouraging a return to JJB to vote

  • The teams in JJB who visited compounds

  • The youths who sacrificed the rare opportunity to earn good money as election scrutineers elsewhere but then not being in JJB to drop their marble and physically cast their vote. They remained in JJB.

  • The pictorial campaign to highlight the constant and numerous achievements over many years from 2010

to recent years

See GoFundMe for fuller summary

  • The people who voted for him knowing he would be effective not only in JJB but the whole of the Gambia

  • The diaspora who supported from afar , even if not of JJB connections, recognising his value to the country as a whole

    • With private donations

    • With donations to the GoFundMe

    • With encouraging others to vote

  • The people who recognised his abilities for more than a decade who have supported him throughout both morally and financially

  • Lamin Saidykhan (a colleague from Youth Parliament days) for launching the Campaign FB page and now running his official Omar Jammeh NAM Janjanbureh Constituency page

You were all part of that

Thank you!

He is resolute in remaining Independent and his purpose is to be supportive and give justice to the country as well as his own constituency and will support other party actions leading to this.

Follow this recent interview from Zoom Africa TV

about 15 minutes in to explain his approach

and enjoy the moment when the interviewer responds

and asks for an explanation to the calls of 'Jatto' - 'Lion'

(about 28 mins in)

Interviewed shortly after his election by Global daily news he stated…

“I was elected as an independent and I will remain independent. Nothing can change that simply because I am not here all by myself. I was elected by people so for those reasons, I want to respect their verdict and their verdict is I remain elected independent to the end,”
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