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Update report on Poultry and Slaughter House

Funded by with Enable, RIEC, Coopi, IMVF/Tekifii and the EU

Work continues on construction of the Poultry and Slaughter House

In July photos were received of the long lengths of walls being constructed surrounding the large area. These are hand made compressed bricks thus environmentally friendly

The work is inspected by funders Enabel

The water tower filled by the new bore hole can just be sighted in the photo above


By late August much progress can be seen, still providing work for 33 young men and women over this extensive site.

The blue shows the base of the poultry and slaughter house

The water tower stores 6000l of water from the new bore hole and solar panels will provide power.

A reminder of the project funding

It covers:

  • Cash for work-based construction of two prefabricated poultry houses for broilers and layers each housing 1000 poultry

  • Provision of a fully equipped prefabricated slaughter house

33 youths employed, 90% of whom are local youths, who opened bank accounts so wages are paid direct to their accounts from the funders.

  • Clearing the site

  • Walling the land

  • Construction of poultry houses as above

  • A hall for equipment storage

  • A reception area and toilets

Funds will cover

  • An electrical connection with NAWEC

  • Construction of a borehole

  • Provision of a 6000litre water tank

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