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Vote for our Omar Jammeh - the man of ACTion

Vote this Saturday 9th April 2022 for Omar Jatto Jammeh as an independent candidate for the National Assembly.

  • a remarkable dedicated man

  • has already made a difference

    • to the island

    • AND surrounding areas.

  • If elected-could for the whole of the country.

Help him in his final stages of achieving that aim for supporters to travel from Kombos to drop their marbles in Janjanbureh

He has worked to develop JJB from Summer 2010

  • taking part in Tour Guide Training funded by this charity

  • his dedication led to me immediately working with him

  • even before meeting him in February 2011

  • the charity exists because of him

  • as does JUST ACT NCA organisation

He is a natural leader and an inspiration to youths - the future of the island

Respected throughout the community across the age ranges

He is the man to make a difference

His natural leadership came to the fore when he spent months in Benin

He supports many organisations YAIM being just one

Your Tube Video in local language

Travelled on several occasions to African and European countries

representing organisations

JUST ACT now has several funders

November 2018 Janjanbureh

  • Youths trained as Local Tour Guides in Community Based Tourism

  • Five become Trainers of Trainers, Omar Jammeh being one of them

  • They have now trained others in other regions.

Within a matter of weeks of the funding the first Kankurang Festival had to be organised. Working with the community,

JUST ACT and Omar were vital and instrumental in its development.

It is now established as a very successful annual event

The first Festival was timed to coincide with a visit by Nature Friends International

  • making their first Landscape of the Year in the continent

  • visiting Senegal and The Gambia

  • NFI now funded several initiatives

  • an early member Gernot Henn has developed walking tours in and around the island

Initiated and developed by Omar are two major projects through support of partners


  • training

  • employment

  • a future

And the Youth Booth

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? return to GoFUndMe logo

You do not live in JJB?

  • elected he will be a voice for the voiceless throughout the country not just his constituency

You do not live in The Gambia?

  • do you have extended family in JJB?

  • build their future

  • build this unique island and community for your return visits

As an INDEPENDENT candidate Omar has no party funding

His supporters in the Kombos need help in travel

Help him reach his final aim in this GO FUND ME project

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