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Omar Jammeh reports: Voters' registration June 26th '21

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Omar Jammeh speaking for JUST ACT

In attendance of "All Civil Society Monthly Meeting on Elections"

representing JustAct.........

Theme: Connecting the ground

"I presented on behalf of team CRR South on issues affecting voters registration and possible ways forward for upcoming elections"

#connectingtheground #CCE #Gambiavotes2021 @IRIglobal @IRI_Africa @Sainaph @btouray15

Summary of Omar's points

  • The statistics of for 2016 for the whole of CRR region but registered as Janjanbureh being the regional centre

  • Throughout the region 60% voted

Approach to creating and inform society on voter's registration

The need for re-orientation of voters in particular women and youths

  • Sensitisation

  • Cultural events

  • Caravan

  • School outreach

  • Radio talk shows

  • Social media

Concerns over voter's registration and elections

  • Tribal sentiments

  • False information on social media

  • Women registering in higher numbers

  • Youths still a concern

Omar continues a second day of training today 27th June

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