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What a wonderful photo capture of planting 800 mangrove trees!

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Following the official launch last month of the Mangrove Restoration project for Ballangharr, 800 mangroves trees were planted Saturday 25th September 2021

With four JUST ACT members leading it

(Jalamang Danso, Ba-Alagie Jammeh, Omar Jammeh

and Muhammed Kebbeh, known as Pasco).

the community of Ballangharr invited three neighbouring villages to take part.

As you can see there was great enthusiasm from across all sections of the communities.

A further 1000 trees are to be planted shortly

Funding from German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development

through Nature Friends International Germany office

Reported by Justice MK Saidykhan

"Another milestone in our quest to fight climate change and climate Justice.

Today JUST ACT planted 800 mangroves in Balangharr in Lower Saloum Central River Region as part of our 3 years Mangrove Restoration Project fully funded by Naturefriends International office in Germany.

This initiative is part of a larger project launch in Senegal and The Gambia to restore our lost mangroves so as to avoid salt interference into fresh water and increase fish presence around the saloum belt."

Muhammed Kebbeh (Long time JUST ACT member) comments

"Strong friends of nature, involving on restoring and reservation of the landscape, on behalf of JUST ACT team I salute on their equal participation, hardworking and reliability"

Read here on the introductory blog about the benefits of such a mangrove project

The Official launch


Further links of interest

The Word Forest Organisation

American Museum of Natural History

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