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 Major Projects for JUST ACT ~
Paving the Way to a Better Tomorrow

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Youth Booth June 2020

In June 2020 JUST ACT began  the 'Youth Booth' funded by Enabel, IMVF, COOPI and European Union and support from Janjanbureh Area Council and district authority. Using solar energy, it will provide a fruit processing facility and a restaurant.  It will also serve as a base where young people can get together to plan, develop and implement tangible initiatives

Youth Booth
Poultry Farm
Poultry Farm April 2021

A big and exciting project began for JUST ACT on Monday 19th April 2021. Thanks to partnership and funding with Enable, RIEC, IMVF/Tekifii, Coopi and the EU there is to be a modern poultry and slaughter house using land owned by JUST ACT and previously the banana plantation.

Mangrove restoration July 2021
Late July 2021
JUST ACT Launches 3 years Mangrove Restoration project in Balangharr
Funded by The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development  via Naturefriends International
See other support from Naturefriends International here
Mangrove restoration
Professional Kayak Tour Guide Training January 2020

JUST ACT in conjunction with Fair Play Gambia were successful in gaining funding from

The International Trade Centre through the Youth Empowerment Project YEP to train youths as Kayak Tour Guides

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