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A citizen of Janjanbureh approached Jane Smith in late 2015 asking if Just Act Gambia could sponsor him to go to the Gambia Technical Training Institute. He had worked as an electrician, learning on the job for several years but desperately wanted to train in order to gain certificates to prove his competance.   JAG could not do this but Jane made a plea on Facebook and now a firm local to her in Malvern is offering to cover his two years of training.  This will make a huge difference to Musa.

Expenses for fees over two years
Addtional expenses involved
InLine of Malvern
In order to benefit from Gift Aid at very neary 25% personelle from the company have given this as a personal donation enabling Gift Aid so the £300 donation via My Donate becomes very nearly £375 after small card fee deductions.  At the current rate of 60GMD to the £ this means a donation of 22,500GMD which will cover the two years fees and intial costs of 17990GMD (See first chart).  The remainder can help towards some of the additional expenses as listed.
How will the donation be managed
The total will be transferred and paid into Just Act Bank account.  It will be recorded in a separate column and will be used for no other purpose. Money will be released as required upon Musa completing the required request form which will be sanctioned by two of three signatories.   Musa will be required to show receipts where available

Our Immediate Aims

Our current and immediate aim is to raise enough funds each month to cover the monthly outgoings until Just Act, the Gambian Registered Youth Organisation can  raise enough money to cover these themselves.  In future all fund raising by Just Act Gambia should be for specific time and money limited projects.  We are not there yet!

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