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Tailoring/ Sewing Project

Our Aim:
  • to provide training and income earning opportunities for locals
  • to produce unique items finished to European standards suitable to attract the tourist market
  • to export items to UK
  • for the project to become self funding after initial support
  • in The Gambia, Feb 15 founder Jane Smith, given a traditional shirt in dashiki material

  • purchased a short length to take home but made a dress

  • creating great interest she decided to make more to raise funds 

  • Dave Adams and wife Anta purchased several 6yd lengths in various colours 

  • via Facebook group a regular visitor  brought it back

  • Jane collected the beautiful collection from 100 miles away

  • over the summer months she created made to measure garments gradually exploring different ways of using the heavily patterned fabric

How it began
Original DashikiShirt

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Dashiki material for JAG!

JAGshiki Designs

is born

Where we are NOW
What we have
  • Jan/Feb '16 Jane began to make garments
    in Janjanbureh

  • interested locals  came regularly for tuition

  • made simple wrap skirts and bags

  • Jane created other garments

  • towards the very end of her stay a local tailor also became involved

  • two Singer hand machines

  • one knee operated electric Singer machine

  • one modern basic electric zigzag machine

  • a simple workshop 

  • a variety of accessories

  • threads etc

Where we want to be
  • employ a local tailor as a trainer

    • 3 hours daily, 4 days a week

  • train one person as a supervisor

  • train further people

  • teach use of commercial patterns

  • raise standards of finish to European standard

    • finished seams

    • linings

    • exact matching of patterns

  • attract tourists to our workshop

How you could support us
Help establish and run for one year


Per month     @60/£      Per year

Tailor:            1300GD     £21.67      £260

Supervisor      800GD     £13.33      £160


Per length     @60/£    

6 yds        600GD          £10   


Donations ot items
  • Singer hand sewing machines

    • £15 to ship and transport upriver

  • mannequins/dress forms

  • slightly domed bobbins/not modern flat

  • dressmaking pins (hard to purchase!)

  • good scissors of all sizes

  • pinking sheers

  • good bias binding

  • any stiffening suitable for base of bags

  • we would welcome just your time if you are visiting Janjanbureh- even a few hours

  • your expertise for any crafting ideas which could be introduced

Simplicity New Look
Click here 
  • Whilst in Janjanbureh Feb'16 Jane responded to a Facebook request from Simplicty 'What have you been sewing this weekend'

  • She responded about the workshops in Janjanbureh

  • Simplicity immediately replied they would like to support our work

  • We have subsequently received a large quantity of wide ranging patterns which will be shipped out


Simplicity - New Look

Past Supporters
Empress Mills
Click here
  • In Spring 2013 we asked for support for a sewing skills entereprise we supported for 6 months

  • Empress Mills donated a large supply of threads etc

       which were shipped off with two hand sewing machines


Empress Mills

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