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UK to The Gambia By Road  

Stage two:  through Spain with a companion... or two?

Over the break, Dave has been in touch with Victoria Goodall, a long time member of Just Act Gambia after Dave and Jane met her at a Three Counties Show, Dave arranging her very first visit to The Gambia and Janjanbureh.   She has long supported the charity especially through her long-term interest in Permaculture and two major fundraising actions.  Knowing Vic had just returned from India pursuing this interest Dave suggested she join him..........

11th June 2018

Meanwhile Dave enjoyed some scenes around Barcelona

Before picking up Vic from the airport

Back on the Road!

So, I'm at Reus Airport picking up my new travelling companion, Victoria Goodall

Really enjoyed Barcelona and Terrassa but ready to head for home now. Two days driving down to the South of Spain ahead…

12th June 2018, by Vic


Gambia by road....First day on the road!

I'm so excited to join Dave on this overland adventure to Gambia. I just came back from 9 months in India and Nepal and had intended work in the UK for the summer. On my return home I heard about Dave's trip and couldn't turn down the opportunity. I have wanted to drive to Gambia for a few years, so didn't have to think too hard when Dave offered me seat. So I had just over a week to catch up with a few friends and family, dust off the old backpack and join Dave in Spain. It's been 2 and a half years since I was last in Gambia and love that fate is taking me back there so unexpectedly. Very much looking forward to seeing some old faces and immersing myself in the Gambian culture once again. Love a good road trip! Bring it on!!!!

12th-13th June 2018
12th June 2018 - back to Dave!


A gruelling 750 kilometers since this morning, but now just three hours from Algeciras ferry port! 

Parked up for the night by the beach in Salobrena. Cheese and wine time.

Through comments on The Gambia Tourism Forum a second person decided to join. This is the power of Facebook, making connections with unknown people.  Following the thread, Angela Ferguson offered them the chance to call in when passing.  They did so......

13th June 2018

Lots of progress today. Ferry to Morocco booked for tomorrow morning. Nice drive to Manilva, just 40 km from the crossing point of Algeciras.

Thanks so much Angela Ferguson and Jeff for the help with our last minute shopping, use of the washing machine and shower and a great evening in a lovely town. 

Snails for dinner! Nom nom nom

14th June 2018

So, for anyone that thought myself and Victoria Goodall were a bit mad, let me introduce Angela Ferguson who has just decided to come with us!

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