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Tour Guide Training by YEP ~ Nov. 2017

in conjunction with National Youth Council

Tour guide training is the first step towards a long term aim to develop Janjanbureh as a second destination for tourists. Visitors already come to Janjanbureh either through organised tours or as individuals. The immediate presence of more trained local licensed guides can only enhance their experience.

With the coming Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival the guides will be providing tours not only on the island but in satellite villages. 

The whole aim is for "communities to offer and enable guests to interact through cultural exchange and preserve their norms and values without distorting or commercializing their beautiful culture". The training is ongoing in identifying such places.

November 2017

An invitation to tour guide training

The current training includes developing community tours with the aim of creating activities  in which the visitor has an educational, emotional, social, and participative interaction with a place, its living culture, and the people who live there, leading  to the understanding of the value of cultural diversity by the process of learning and sharing experience between tourists and the host community.
The ability to access appropriate knowledge that does not belong to one’s own culture is seen by many visitors nowadays as one of the most valuable experiences

Follow how the training developed over the five days with pictures from and links
to some of the guides'
 Facebook pages


The Trained Licensed Guides
Marong Camara,  Jalamanag Danso, Muhammed Fatty, Isatou Foon,
 Musa Foon, Omar Jammeh, 
Modou Jange, Muhammed Jawneh,

Muhammed Kebbeh, Muhammed Saidykhan, 
Kaddy Sanneh, Mustapha Sanneh, Kebba Sarjo, Taka Titi


The Training of Trainers (ToT)

Some of our guides from Janjanbureh joined representatives from GTB, ITTOG and  NCAC to become Master Trainers in  Community Based Tourism (CBT)

Follow it here 

Training began 20th November 2017

High level training on Tour Guides starts in Janjanbureh under the auspices of YEP, involving  ITTOG, NCAC, GTB

Day Three

Interesting day as we brushed through the History and Culture of Janjanbureh..

Final day of five days training

Fourteen guides complete their training 

Trained guides

Marong Camara  

Jalamanag Danso             

Muhammed Fatty

Isatou Foon

Musa Foon

Omar Jammeh

Modou Jange


Muhammed Kebbeh

Muhammed L Saidykhan

Kaddy Sanneh

Mustapha Sanneh

Pampalo Sanneh


Taka Titi

You can be certain your Tour Guides can offer a very good product with this intensive training 

See details and photos from some of the Tour Guides' Facebook pages

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