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Poultry Farm April 2021

A big and exciting project began for JUST ACT on Monday 19th April 2021. Thanks to partnership and funding with Enable, RIEC, IMVF/Tekifii and the EU there is to be a modern poultry and slaughter house using land owned by JUST ACT and previously the banana plantation.

Youth Booth June 2020

In June 2020 JUST ACT began  the 'Youth Booth' funded from Enabel, IMVF, COOPI and European Union and support from Janjanbureh Area Council and district authority.  Using solar energy, it will provide a fruit processing facility and a restaurant.  It will also serve as a base where young people can get together to plan, develop and implement tangible initiatives

Earlier projects for JUST ACT
Initial action by JUST ACT creates Tour Guide Training Nov 2017

Consultations between YEP and JUST ACT members worked to reassess tourism potentials and challenges and how to develop on existing and new products in order to  boost destination Janjanbureh and to  empower the youths.  This collaboration resulted in successful funding as  part of a four year EU funded project with training provided  by YEP-The Gambia,   Training began  December 2017 developing Sustainable Tourism in Janjanbureh and surrounding areas.  Five members of JUST ACT continued to be trained as Trainers of Trainers (ToTs) developing the concept of Community Based Tourism (CBT) through Central River Region and other areas of the country. As a result an independent body, ‘Janjanbureh Tour Guide Association’ was set up and  other young people who registered interest were involved. 

FGM Training

October 2017  JUST ACT had sought and were successful in gaining a grant from The Girl Generation to provide community training and advocacy on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)  in four areas of Central River Region. 

Read the background information here

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