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A second great building project for independent JUST ACT

Updated: May 6, 2022

It with great joy JUST ACT can report that another big and exciting project began for them on Monday 19th April 2021. Thanks to partnership and funding with Enable, RIEC, IMVF/Tekifii and the EU there is to be a modern poultry and slaughter house using land owned by JUST ACT and previously the banana plantation.

However the land proved not to be suitable for this but now comes in to its own.

This has been planned and developed for several months involving considerable research by JUST ACT to provide detailed business plans for approval.

Scenes as the eager youths began the clearing on Monday 19th April

What is provided by the funders?

It covers:

  • Cash for work-based construction of two prefabricated poultry houses for broilers and layers each housing 1000 poultry

  • Provision of a fully equipped prefabricated slaughter house

Currently 33 youths, 90% of whom are local youths, have opened bank accounts so wages are paid direct to their accounts from the funders and are beginning to work on

  • Clearing the site

  • Walling the land

  • Construction of poultry houses as above

  • A hall for equipment storage

  • A reception area and toilets

Funds will cover

  • An electrical connection with NAWEC

  • Construction of a borehole

  • Provision of a 6000l water tank

By the weekend they have begun to dig the foundations

It is expected that this work will take about three months.

Not only is this providing temporary employment,

the youths will be learning new skills, training them for future employment.

On completion and operational, ten will be employed permanently in the project

iI is also providing a much need resource on the island and surrounding area

with access to fresh chicken meat rather than imported frozen meat and fresh eggs, often imported from Europe.

The first major project, The Youth Booth is still progressing and power and water connection has now been paid for and a kitchen is to be added.

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