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Training of Trainers (TOTs)

High level training has been provided by two consultants from

International Trade Centre (ITC) both based in Thailand

Potjana Suansri   Click on links to read more.....









Peter Richards


Ms. Suansri’s work has influenced CBT development at local, national, regional and international levels. She is a valued resource person for government and NGO’s inside and outside Thailand in issues including community mobilization, community based research, participatory tourism planning and experience development, and facilitating market linkages.

Peter has 15 years of professional experience in the ASEAN region, working at the crossroads of responsible tourism and community development. Peter has worked in the private and NGO sectors, with stakeholders including local communities, government, tourism associations, tour operators, hotels, and restaurants. Core skills include sustainable tourism project development and management, participatory training, facilitating partnerships between local communities and tourism businesses, and sustainable tourism standards development.

A great blog from Nature Friends' Travel Log 

showing  just how successful this has been,

reporting in May 2019 when interviewing  TOTS,

Isatou Foon, a member of JUST ACT
(Scroll down  for English version)

December 2017
Following the successful training of fourteen tour guides, five were selected to receive further training by YEP tourism consultants in partnership with NYC, GTB and NCAC and to extend this training to new regions of The Gambia
The five TOTs from Janjanbureh are Jalamang Danso, Isatou Foon, Omar Jammeh, Muhammed Jawneh and Muhammed Kebbeh. They trained alongside Master Trainers, representatives from, GTB, ITTOG GTHI and NCAC

Read some of their Facebook entries here

Visits to Tabanani


Back in the class room

7/12/17    7/12/17

Visits to N'Demban, West Coast Region

8/12/17    8/12/17

Completion of first stage of training


Visits were made to Tabanani and Ndemban where practical investigation into Community Based Tourism (CBT) took place.  Tabanani is north east of JJB near the Senegalese border

The first visit was to Tabanani village where they were warmly welcomed by the Alkali and members of the community for them to help identify CBT  products. The women's groups gave good  cultural displays.

"It revealed great potential for communities to offer and enable guests to interact through cultural exchange and preserve their norms and values without distorting or commercializing their beautiful culture…"



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7/12/17 The next stage of training was to go to the Bakau at the coast and work on ideas for developing those village experiences.

"Is high time for stakeholders in the tourism industry to begin diversifying in new forms of tourism....Community Based Tourism through applying the right tools can be harnessed as an approach to support community development…."

Ideas for such development were next explored in N'Demban introducing CBT to a completely new area fo the country.

The 'Active Youths' were then tasked with exploring and developing ideas for CBT in Jamali, a traditional village just on the north bank from JJB's MacCarthy Island in preparation for the next stage of intense training in March 2018.
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