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A registered youth organisation with NYC (National Youth Council)

and AG Chambers with charity status

In 2015 JUST ACT  was registered as an independent organisation with The National Youth Council The Gambia retaining the same Main Aims as Just Act Gambia:- 


  • To enable community-led development

  • To support accredited and non - accredited training through local organisations thereby developing life skills and income earning opportunities

  • To maximise the use of local expertise in developing training

  • To enable Janjanbureh and surrounding areas  to develop responsible, sustainable pro-poor tourism for the benefit of the community whilst respecting the local culture, traditions and the natural environment

  • To enable rural regeneration so the school population of today is assured of a prospering town sufficient to reduce  rural /urban/ illegal migration

  • to run current  and introduce new grant-funded projects

  • to maintain selected previous projects

JUST ACT is gaining independence

  • Increasingly Just Act  are applying for and receiving grants from Gambian and European based organisations

  • Just Act Gambia is supporting them in their applications 

  • JUST ACT are maintaining and benefitting the employment  of youths  through previous successful grant applications

  • JUST ACT is maintaining selected current projects previously run by the charity

  • JUST ACT is aiming at self-sufficiency through a small business enterprise providing a music and entertainment system for hire funded by Just Act Gambia

  • JUST ACT has many members who are encouraged to take an active part in varied initiatives by other group and organisations in their community, being seen as a very influential group of dynamic youths

  • Just Act Gambia support mainly by creating awareness and maintaining this website

  • Just Act Gambia is still creating funds but these are passed to JUST ACT and through mutual agreement are distributed more generally within the community


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