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A Youth Booth for JUST ACT

It has been quiet here for a while for two reasons

The Youth Booth Early Dec 2020
  1. There have been lots of developments going on for JUST ACT the Gambian organisation but none ready to be reported as fact

  2. I have had a very busy time continuing with making face coverings and raising money

NOW a major development can be reported

JUST ACT were granted funding from Enabel, IMVF, COOPI and European Union and support from Janjanbureh Area Council and district authority to build a development opposite to the jetty to the north bank, making a use of an area where fuel used to be stored.

It will

  • House a solar agro processing facility for juice pressing,

  • Cold solar freezer for fish and vegetable storage

  • For added value a restaurant is also in the package to serve home grown organic produce on the up terrace.

  • In future it will make use of local chicken and eggs as preparations are ongoing to develop a poultry farm and a slaughtering house for chickens and package for market

  • It will also serve as a centre for the youths and will be known as ‘The Youth Booth’ where young people can get together to plan, develop and implement tangible initiatives

Showing the beginnings in July 2020

Over the last 6 months it has created casual work for 25 young people on construction at a daily pay of D450.00 ( just under £7) through bank line, including migrant returnees and as well inspiring females. They have have been recruited from the community on the bases of competence,

On completion during the first year four people will be employed there, expecting to rise to eight the following year.

It is nearing its final stages

7th December 2020

Photos courtesy of Mba's Carpentry and Electrical Installation Ltd

This is such an exciting time for Janjanbureh and the result of such dedication and determination in persuing funding and following it all through.


Over the last months I, Jane Smith, as reported in an earlier blog was able to contribute to the CRR Region during these difficult times of the Covid pandemic. A Go Fund Me project aimed to raise £5000. Well over £700 was raised thorough the Go Fund Me project. In the end raising £5000 became my own personal target and I have been able to send that from making face coverings.


Some of that money went to pay for the land registry of the Youth Booth.

Another portion has paid towards putting forward the proposal for the above mentioned poultry farm bid and that is moving forward with a further donation towards electric and water connection there.


BUT JUST ACT is rapidly moving towards independence which is just how it should be.

Everyone involved in this project should be heartily congratulated.

I look forward to seeing it functioning when I am eventually able to return to my second home.

And as a quick reference to how the face coverings were proving to be useful I include this.

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