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Wear a face covering to protect others and support a region in The Gambia

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I, Jane Smith, have been asked by several people to make masks since the

changed government advice that they can help protect others should you be an innocent carrier of Covid 19. Technically I believe we should just call them face coverings, masks being reserved for the medical standard masks.


These do not claim in any way to be medical masks but will answer the Government statement

Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer said:

Wearing a face covering is an added precaution that may have some benefit in reducing the likelihood that a person with the infection passes it on.

All masks purchased will support a gofundme project organised by Justice MK Saidykhan of Janjanbureh, CRR, The Gambia


Help CRR with Food and Help Ranerou with Water

Whereas Covid 19 does not appear to having taken hold in the country, the measures to restrict have placed severe deprivation of food. Tasked with sensitising the outlaying areas by the Regional Youth Committee of the National Youth Council, Central River Region (CRR), were youths from Janjanbureh and surrounding areas.

Justice MK Saidykhan reported 15th April 2020 'More than 15,000 Gambians were reached in 5 days from 12 villages where we distributed 40 hand washing stations This is part of efforts to fight COVID19 with the campaign hashtag #YouthEndCovid19 These outreach activities are supported by @IMVF #TekkiFii project funded by the European Union🇬🇲🇪🇺 @adwac @UnitedPurpose @NYC @CRRYouthCommittee

Whilst doing so they were horrified to uncover this situation.

“In my village we buy water 💦 from Senegal 🇸🇳 to live.....Sometimes it take us days without taking shower 🚿 What is our authorities doing???Our people don’t deserve this....Villages at Ranerou cry 😢..” It was discovered that they only had one source of water which was used mainly for the animals, therefore having to go to neighbouring Senegal to buy all their water. As a result of seeing the grave difficulties experienced in the villages and especially Ranerou, the youths set up the gofundme project focussing on supporting Ranerou for water and food sustenance throughout the deprived region.

I have worked with many of these people over the last 10+ years through the work of Just Act Gambia and JUST ACT NYC organisation and can vouch for their honesty but this project is not under the auspices of the charity. They are working alongside Governor for CRR, Hon. Abba Sanyang.

Needing an international account, the funds are passed to me and then directly back to them with complete transparency. 



The original style I made has been updated and can be seen in the later blogs. I have deleted the information for the old style. I am continuing to raise considerable funds and sadly this will be needed as Covid-19 begins to take a grip of the country after they had dealt with it so well.

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