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When the tap is dry...face coverings MK 3

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I am continuing to raise funds towards a bore hole for a remote rural village on the Gambian Senegalese border through making face coverings. Ranerou has only one well, frequently only providing sufficient water for the cattle. Residents are forced to purchase water from Senegal. Whilst it is hoped that the Gambian Government will support, the need is urgent.

Through word of mouth and Pack it In Zero Waste Shop in Worcester and Dynastic Art in Malvern I have now been able to send £600 and there is more ready to go when I should soon reach £1000! Rice has already been distributed in rural villages


With the return of some pupils to the local Middle School in Janjanbureh a donation of 10,000 dalasi (Approx £160 )has also been made to providing urgent upgrading of toilet facilities

"The current one which was built some two decades ago is full and unfortunately it cannot be withdraw because it is in solid form"


I am continually trying to improve the design and I think this style is a distinct improvement but it does take a good hour to make. I am therefore suggesting a donation of £10 to reflect the time and materials. I know they look so simple but have a go at making them!

Again! These are not medical masks (See below)


As before:-

*100% cotton unless otherwise stated

*Majority sourced in The Gambia

*Poly-cotton or cotton liner

*Shaped to scoop under the eyes

*Nose wire shaping to grip close to the nose, lessening steamed up glasses

*Wires protected/padded to prevent piercing of material

*Shaped to go under chin

*Close fit but deep pouch giving easier breathing

*Stretch ties for comfortable fit around head


Outer/ lining and filter pocket for three layers

Can be produced removing full lining so two layers including filter pocket

Centre seam with protected cable tie insertion to keep away from mouth, maintaining pouch shape

You add filter of your choice :- kitchen towel/polypropylene (eg pillowcase protectors)

Removable protected nose wires

Side channels with long soft up cycled t-shirt tie

Allows gathering in channel for individual close fit

Pony bead fixing to allow easy adjustment when raising and lowering

Two now supplied so you can halve tie for ear loops

Can hang safely around neck when not needed

Some now made from more demure donated cottons and 100% cotton from repurposed men's shirts (as always, all fabric pre washed at 60)


I, Jane Smith, have been asked by several people to make masks since the changed government advice that they can help protect others should you be an innocent carrier of Covid 19. Technically I believe we should just call them face coverings, masks being reserved for the medical standard masks. Purpose These do not claim in any way to be medical masks but will answer the Government statement Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer said: Wearing a face covering is an added precaution that may have some benefit in reducing the likelihood that a person with the infection passes it on.


All mask donations will support a gofundme project organised by Justice MK Saidykhan of Janjanbureh, CRR, The Gambia

Should you wish to have one and are not local to Malvern or Worcester please contact me on or through FB Messenger if viewing through Facebook link. I will do my best to provide but many demands.

Postage is large letter at £1.15 1st class

£0.88 2nd class

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