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Wash your hands! But what if you cannot do so! You can help as you acquire your necessary face cover

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Disclaimer:This is not the work of the charity

but people involved in the charity are operating this project

We all know the drill! Wash you hands frequently.

But what if there is no water to do so?

During March/April youths I know personally were working with Tekki Fii in Central River Region (CRR) The Gambia, West Africa

Whereas Covid 19 does not appear to having taken hold in the country, the measures to restrict have placed severe deprivation of food and education was vital

Over five days they focussed on villages bordering the Senegal, reaching 15,000 Gambians from 12 villages providing sanitising equipment, disinfectant and hand washing stations and vital guidance

Remote villages such as Galleh Manda and Saloum were sensitised

Please scroll through

On the fifth day they visited Ranerou, variously named as Renurru and Ranerry.

It was here that they heard of the water situation

“How can we wash our hand when taking shower is a problem?

The only well in the village is 61 meter deep, how can we fetch from there??

Our alternative is going to Senegal to buy water?"

Priority is given to their cattle often meaning no showers for days and certainly hand washing is a problem.

Covid-19 situation in The Gambia is being closely monitored and although cases are low in number all have been imported cases. As of early June there are thought to be 26 cases and only 1 death. (Population approx 2,400,000) However there were cases in Ranerou imported from Senegal where there are far more infections and it is vital that they do not need to make this journey.

Two leading youths, both well known to me, decided to set up this project. Organised by Justice MK Saidykhan in cooperation with Omar Jammeh and supported by Governor Abba Sanyang they are raising funds to help install a bore hole in Ranerou and provide rice throughout the vulnerable areas of CRR

Needing an international bank account I, Jane Smith, am classed as the beneficiary.

All funds are transferred to them openly and transparently


In an effort to support their initiative I am making face coverings and donations to the fund will enable you to follow the new rules brought in:-

Available by kind permission and support of the owner

Pack it in- Zero Waste shop Worcester

The Gallery (The Old Market Hall), The Shambles,Worcester, WR1 2RD,

07580 641533 where they have a donation box collecting a cheque or cash

To order Contact me or by FB messenger if a friend and provide




* make a donation to the fund

* or to avoid GoFund Me charges, contact me for direct payment to my account to be added to the total when I transfer to Justice and fellow youths to administer. You can be assured every penny will reach them and they are absolutely to be trusted to carry through their aims. I know them!

* These take at least one hour to prepare, make and organise so a suggested donation of £7.50…or more! Postage is free due to a generous donation from a friend to cover costs.

£169 already raised and forwarded direct to Justice and £25 donated to the fund of which £24.02 was received after commission and charges

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