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EU Trust Fund visit Janjanbureh

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Following on from two years of development begun in November 2017 the European Union Trust Fund recently visited Janjanbureh to see the results of their investments and training

As our Gambian Director, Omar Jammeh reports:

“European Union Trust Fund in Janjanbureh!!!!

The EUTF team with Youth Empowerment Project visit project sites in Janjanbureh where they meet project beneficiaries.

Each organisation was represented by 2 people that are YEP beneficiaries and the women folk there….presenting their works

  • Janjanbureh Tour Guides

  • Janjanbureh Taba-Jamali Women Craft Association

  • Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival committee

  • Youth Center Committee and Community Based Tourism

  • Community Based Tourism (Tabanai and Jamali)

  • Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute

A highlight was a visit to Jamali where they were able to experience

  • Riti dance

  • Preparing a rice and peanut pudding breakfast

and sharing the results:

  • Visit to Wood Carvers workshop

  • Listen to village history by the Alkalo, sitting here in the middle with his son to his left, who is also Community Based Tourism Coordinator and the the Islamic Imam to his right


Jamali is easily reached from Janjanbureh and situated on the north bank off the Island and about 1.5km away from Lemin Koto crossing point and 10 minutes drive.......

Jamali Gynado is the name of the village and a rich Fullani settlement with about 1000 people, who rely on agriculture as livelihood....

The community members are friendly and open to visitors in sharing the unique fullani culture with high professionalism using Community Based Tourism tools. (Do-Learn-Feel-Share-Benefit)…….


You too can be part of these experiences, knowing that you are seeing genuine Gambian rural village life and the communities will benefit from your visit just as much as you will benefit

"communities to offer and enable guests to interact

through cultural exchange and preserve their norms and values

without distorting or commercializing their beautiful culture”


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