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Our Original Tour Guides in 2013

Omar Jammeh (Jatto)

Our most experienced guide having trained at ITTOG,  The Institute of Travel and Tourism in The Gambia, Omar is also the Gambian Director of this charity.  

"My experience in the field of tourism and youth development cannot be overemphasised. I have undergone a series of training with ASSET on the area of sustainable, responsible tourism and Eco-Tourism among other trends and also participated in developing the current tourism curriculum of The Gambia, funded by the European Union in 2011."

Read his summary here

Musa Foon
Musa Foon

Musa Foon is 27 years old completing his high school education in Janjanbureh at Armitage Senior Secondary School in 2008.  He took part in the intial local tour guide training in 2010 and was noticed by one of the trainers for his persistent quetions!  Succesful completion of the training in 2013 as a local tour guide sponsored by Just Act Gambia in 2013 enabled him  to be licensed with the Gambia Tourism Board as a Local Tour Guide.  

Musa is  currently employed as the accountant for  the charity from October 2015 and takes on many of our administrative functions. Currently he is also the acting head coach of our football academy.

"I really love being a member of Just Act and working with them. I love youth work and community development as well."

Update October 2107

Musa has recently been employed as Senior Monument Officer at Janjanbureh Kankurang centre after receiving training at National Centre for Arts and Culture The Gambia.
We know he will be offering information based on deep knowledge and love of his culture.  

He was also the instigator  of the River Fishing Enterprise.

November 2017




Mohammed Kebbeh (Pasco)

Born in 1988, Pasco is a native of Janjanbureh and studied at Armitage Senior Secondary School gaining WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Exam) and has always been interested in business studies. A hard working member of Just Act Pasco is often seen running around the island on several missions at once.

As well as an active tour guide Pasco took part in initial training with ESG specialising in permaculture and land management working on vegetable bed construction design. He attended lectures by  Peter Jensen, head of peacecorps volunteer in Africa residing at Zimbawe.

In Janjanbureh  he has volunteered as a beekeeper and extended his knowledge by visiting bee keeping centres with ESG


He worked extensively with Dave Adams as part of his FairPlay enterprise

Other training has included

  • participant at Sandele, Kartong as part of Fifteen Nations

  • entrepreneurship and leadership with NEDI, (National Enterprise Development Initiative) 


Pasco has regularly organised Just Act  members to take part in the monthly set settals in Janjanbureh, the national cleansing exercises.

During the six month absence of our Director Omar Jammeh in Benin Pasco took responsibility for his role.

As from May 2016 Pasco is now taking part in 6 months extensive training in Benin, West Africa, funded by NEMA through the Ministry of Youth and Sports. He has just settled on his areas of specialisation as Agro forestry, market gardening or horticulture, and poultry.  He will bring back extensive knowledge to the area as did Omar Jammeh.

Update October 2107

Pasco has this month been employed as an attendent  at Janjanbureh Kankurang Centre after receiving training at National Centre for Arts and Culture The Gambia.
We know he too will be offering information based on deep knowledge and love of his culture.  

Alieu Sowe

Between 2008/10 Alieu was trained in bird watching  and as  result sought to extend his knowledge by attending  the initial tour guide training in history and culture of the island. Alieu was then identified as a potential member for the Just Action team and after an interview was  hired for  a three months contract along with Omar Jammeh and Ousman Wula Bamba.  Tasks included 

• Sensitising the community about Just Act Gambia

• Setting up a group of youths and preparing them for tour guide training

• Developing the Tourism Information Centre at the Liberation Triangle (Freedom Tree Triangle)

• Developing  the Community Training Centre ( JTC)  

This could only be funded for the said time as it was personally funded by the founder. The team, at the late Hon Foday Manka's request, continued in a voluntary capacity  during which time Alieu :- 

• Created the Just Act Football team in July 2010 

• Under voluntary team work the JAG ASSET proposal was approved to set up a banana plantation

• In 2012 Alieu, Omar and late Hon. Manka met ASSET and GTB to push for the guide training, resulting in setting up a task force involving JAG, ASSET and GTB to enable the aims

• April 2013, Alieu attended a sustainable tourism course organised by ASSET and GTB at  ITTOG and was certificated from that training and its recomendations

• Created the JAG Green Team in 2014

• Completed the official tour guide training and licensed as a guide

• November 2015, organised the Walk Green Janjanbureh event

• From 2011, up to date, served as the secretary general for JA

2018: Alieu is now based at the coast but is a worthy bird guide and continues to support Just Act Gambia.

Ebrima Camara

Ebrima Camara born on the 12 April 1992 in Janjanbureh. Ebrima went to the local Methodist Lower Basic School from 1998-2004 then proceeded to Janjanbureh Upper Basic School in 2004-2007. He then went further to Armitage Senior Secondary School completing his secondary education in 2010.

In that year he was involved in youth work on the island studying software application receiving a certificate in 2011. In 2012 he took up the opportunity to go to college for a three year course on primary teachers certificate. He took part in the  tour guide training in Janjanbureh and was one of  the successful candidates receiving his license with the Gambia Tourism Board to become a local tour guide.

He graduated from college in the summer of  2015 receiving a primary teachers certificate and now teaches at his old school, the Methodist Lower Basic School.  

Ebrima is therefore available as a guide only in the afternoons after morning session has closed. 

Update November 2017

Having been posted as a teacher off the island Ebrima was unable to take part in the recent training.

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