Mboka Festival - 6th - 20th January 2018

The Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival is part of this larger festival  

"An African Diaspora, One World, Pan African experience!

The second Mboka Festival of Arts, Culture and Sport takes place in The Gambia from 6 to 20 January 2018 organised by Camp Africa, Global Hands and SABLE Publications.

Mboka means ‘One Family’ in Wolof and will offer festival goers a 14-day festival that celebrates Gambian cultural heritage alongside African diasporic cultural heritage.

About Mboka

The first Mboka Festival was held from 7-17 January 2017 with our guest of honour, awardwinning Kenyan writer, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o as we came in with the ‘new dawn’ in The Gambia.

In 2018, we continue to celebrate and build towards a positive and peaceful future."

Contact information
Email:               www.mbokafestival@gmail.com

Facebook           www.facebook.com/mbokafestivalgambia

Whats App        +220 7680368 

Telephone         +220 7680368 

Updated PDF Dec'17 document available here

 Festival Fee is £25/ €35/ US$35/ D1500

www.mboka-festival-fee.eventbrite.com ( To be updated)

The Festival fee includes: free events at Mboka (events marked free*), discounts to other events and Mboka bag to be collected at Mboka Festival HQ - Asset Bantaba or Senegbambia Hotel at the Fair.

 Donations: Please contact mbokafestival@gmail.com