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Plantation Project

Our Aim:
  • to provide training and income earning opportunities for locals
  • to encourage the nation's aim 'to grow what you eat and eat what you grow'
  • to follow permaculture principles by producing products of high nutritional value through the application of organic matter
  • to develop a fish farm engaging youths into sustainable agriculture funded by NEMA
  • to cultivate moringa trees as a medicinal plant to be used as animal and fish feed as substitute for antibiotics 
    • develop understanding and educate about its many properties
    • develop its many products for the community
  • to introduce a range of fruit trees in addtion to the existing cashew trees
How it began
  • Just Act Banana Plantation was funded by GAMJOBS through ASSET in 2011

  • land was acquired from the district chief and JAG members volunteered to clear, fence and dig holes where over 300 banana suckers were planted

  • employed gardener to oversee development

  • fertility of the land was not originally sufficient and so was improved  helping  the growth of our plants during the first year

  • JAG purchased a water pump but cost of fuel for pumping has always been an issue

  • April 2012, training organised for JAG  members on basic Agro business to help members be technically responsive to the need of the plantation

  • good harvests until 2014 when the fertility of the soil degraded

  • realised that the plantation was declining in its productivity and after series of consultations with agricultural experts we concluded the land is not fertile for banana productions

  • cashew trees planted on borders are flourishing

Early Plantation
Sensitising the community
Early days
Jatto at work
Enriching the soil
Watering a constant battle
Satisfied group of Just Act members
Seeking knowledge  on the south bank
Reinforcing fences
  • production on plantation has been  halted  and it has been cleared

  • plans are under way to change to a moringa farm based on the fact that they are tropical resistant plants with highly nutritional values as well as being high in medicinal value 

  • early 2016 the land was also identified by NEMA as ideal for development as a fish farm because of its location by the River Gambia and the development of seven fish ponds has already been approved

  • implementation of this and the moringa farm should provide employment for up to seven people and the Just Act NYC Youth orgnisation will receive income to cover running costs

  • a water tower will be a necessary part of the funded fish farm

    • can help to overcome the general water supply issue

We are currently waiting for finalisation of the application​

Where we are now
Where we want to be
  • that the fish farm is a good example of funding from within The Gambia

  • that the plantation becomes a thriving base for developing  and demonstrating  good permaculture practices

How you could support us

We should receive 100% funding from NEMA for development of the fish farm, however we need support in developing other aspects

  • purchase of moringa and fruit trees

  • gardening implements


Donation of items​
  • gardening tools, spades, hoes, forks etc

  • books on permaculture

  • if you have any experience in any of the above areas and could offer your time 

    • with advice from afar​

    • a visit to the plantation

    • an extended visit to Janjanbureh

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