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Janjanbureh represented in IT Berlin - 'The World's Leading Travel Show'

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

”ITB Berlin is of great importance, particularly in times of widespread uncertainty.

Even in a digitalised world, it is not possible for hi-tech communications

to replace the confidence-building measure that face-to-face meetings

and a direct exchange between business partners

on issues concerning the global industry represent.

That is why ITB Berlin functions”, said Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin

It was to such a prestigious event that our Gambian Director Omar Jammeh was invited to attend by ITC to represent developments in Sustainable Tourism and Community Based Tourism based in Janjanbureh and surrounding areas. The event took place 6th to 10th March 2019 and was Omar’s first visit to Europe travelling via Brussels Airpot, a more direct flight than many he has had to make travelling to African countries.

He quotes

“The journey begins to ITBerlin Fair, which is the biggest travel fair around the globe to place The Gambian tourism to another level by promoting Community Based Tourism

to enhance Sustainable Tourism and given attention to National Development Plan (NPD)

and priority areas are as follows:

Promoting an inclusive and culture centred tourism for sustainable growth;

Reopening the demographic dividend through an empowered youth;

it was in 2017, that two communities, namely Jamali and Tabanani as communities,

developed Community Based Tourism initiatives through inclusive participations supported by Yep Gambia/ITC and leading to TOT (Training of Trainers) of Active Youths of Janjanbureh

through National Youth Council-The Gambia,as trainers in CBT and as well

Master Trainers of partner institutions in the tourism industry.”

There was a special press conference introduced here in the article 'ITB Berlin to shine spotlight on women entrepreneurs and youth from the Gambia, Ghana, Kenya and Myanmar'

Omar attended with Amelia Diaz, tourism consultant from ITC, the organisation which funded his attendance.

He was delighted to be able to meet up once again the CBT International Travel Consultants Potjana Suansri and Peter Richards who trained the five Trainers of Trainers .

They had made a second visit to Janjanbureh to witness the second Kankurang Festival in January this year and were representing their work in Community Based Tourism in Myanmar.

Peter, Omar and Potjana (P'No)
Peter, Omar and Potjana (P'No)

There were also opportunities to network with other Asian and European colleagues in Sustainable Tourism where they shared a special dinner

As Omar left Berlin he reflected on his time

“Bye-bye Berlin and thanks to ITC/Yep Gambia, GTBoard and NYC Gambia for the opportunity and support for placing The Gambia to the Global B2B tourism market,

with focuses on responsible and sustainable tourism ethics........

The meetings with B2C, members of ATTA "Experience Africa", World Travel Nation,

Travel for Tomorrow, Travellife, Indonesian Ecotourism Network,

International Eco Tourism Club, Fisherman Tours and Travel,

Joker and Art & Craft - Content & Communication Research

and Development Community Based Tourism

and finally with meeting with Gambian Tour Operators....

The developments registered so far”


And Peter Richards remarks sum up his actions

“Congratulations to ITC's Gambia YEP Youth Empowerment Project team

for promoting Janjanbureh's new historic, cultural and community based tours

to EU tour operators at the world's biggest travel trade fair, the ITB Berlin.

Big shout out to Omar Jammeh, youth leader, who represented his country and team

with enthusiasm and maturity, and forged friendships

with like-minded responsible tourism champions around the world.”

Just Act Gambia would like to add our congratulations to an excellent representation of the continued dedication of you and all the team behind you who are working so tirelessly to bring this all to fruition. You will be bringing not only employment to youths but all the community and giving an opportunity for visitors to have a wealth of new experiences in your unique communities.

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1 Comment

Mar 21, 2019

I think its terrific for Gambia, especially "Young New Gambia" to be visible at such a famous time and prestigious event. I specially like the forum on entrepreneurs. Omar looked happy and so he should--- he has already contributed so much .Now he will be able to contribute some more, with is new experiences added to his God given talents ,especially his intelligence and personality and drive !.

Tony Johnson


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