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 JAG Football Academy 

This is an ongoing project being run by Just Act
Our Aim:
  • to provide training and income earning opportunities for leaders

  • to provide football training opportunities for male and female youths building up physical skills

  • to provide focus and enjoyment

  • to build an identity with Just Act and thus encourage responsibility to their community

  • to build an increasing source of future leaders in the community

How it began
How it began
  • April 2014: receipt of donated football team kit by Hanley Swan Football Club

  • seventy were involved as players or spectators and a great atmosphere also raising awareness of JAG's work. 

  • if you were not in a black and white shirt you were in the 'Industries Team'. If you were - you were in the Just Act Gambia team.

  • began a determination to start a football academy. 

Shoe wear

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What is it?
What is it?
  • a well established academy for both males

     and females meeting 5 times a week 5-7 pm

  • football manager        -  Ebrima Camara

  • male coach                -  Basiro (Chris) Gomez

  • female coach              - Lamin Giteh

  • regular matches and tournaments,

  • men win first tournament  April 2016

  • female team represent CRR at national level

  • members regularly support community activites

Whilst the aim is for a self sufficient Academy run by Just Act,
this takes time and support is always appreciated 
NB:Since Spring 2016 JUST ACThave taken sole responsibility but if anyone would like to specifically support Football Please make a donation and inform us of that 
What we have

  • enthusiasm

  • their community support well recognised in the area

  • some basic kit

  • bibs

Support running costs

Monthly renumerations

       Role                                Per month       @60 £

  • Football Manager         1000GD             £16.66

  • Male F/ball Coach         800GD              £13.33

  • Female F/ball Coach     800GD              £13.33

                                                   Total               £33.32


Additional fees for tournaments (3 per year)

               Fees                         GD              @60 £

  • registration                 2000             £33.32

  • refreshments              1000             £16.66

  • In case of injury           500               £8.33

Donations of :
Football kits/equipment


  • footballs !!!!!!

  • football boots with plastic studs

  • plastic studs

  • cones

  • hand pumps

  • any football related items

Kit from KitAid has been beneficial and distributed throughout the island but more is always appreciated!


​Are you an experienced coach/player?

  • join us during your visit

  • offer your experience for an extended time

A Peel into Excitement!
A Peek into Excitement!

Updated October 2017

We Win Our First Cup!

16th April


Our Female Team  won the  inter school Gala at regional level and represented the region at national level. However, their participation depended on correct footwear. Many girls played in bare feet. An appeal

helped raise some funds towards supplying basic footwear, now long worn out!   Read more here

The female team preparing for Upper Basic Inter School Gala Competition.

Blog entries
  • A random twitter message to Dave Adams  resulted in two visits to KitAids depot near London collecting boxes of kit

  • shipped to The Gambia by Money Pipe

  • taken to Janjanbureh on top of gelli gellies

  • distrubuted not only to JAG team but Armitage Senior Secondary School, Janjanbureh Middle School, Janjanbureh Nursery, numerous individuals

  • Further wonderful collections in 2016 along with Janjanbureh Foundation 



University of West of England
  • Worcester resident Kevin Sanders very kindly shares a wide variety of sports kit he collects from UWE

  • Allowing us to ship at a favourable rate and transporting to UK depot  he saves the founder much time!


Kevin Sanders

Past Supporter
Past Supporters
Hanley Swan Football Club
  • as a result of an appeal on Facebook for football kit local team donated a complete black and white set of jersyes and shorts enabling a team to play in their matching, therefore identifiable setfirst set 


Hanley Swan

Updated October 2017

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