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JUST ACT is an NYC organisation
The Gambia National Youth Council (NYC) is a Public Agency established by an Act of Parliament in 2000. The agency is actively operating in all the 7 administrative regions and 48 districts of the Gambia with over 125 registered national and community based youth civil society organisations. Our mandate is to mobilise, coordinate and supervise youth organisations, implement national youth programmes and advise government on youth matters.

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JUST ACT is registered as a legal organisation with the Attorney General's Chambers

JUST ACT are lucky to be partnered and working closely with several very active organisations and supporters. Our recent projects during 2020/21 have been possible through the following,

several of whom often work alongside each other.

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Enable outline

The European Union’s Rural Infrastructure and Employment Creation (RIEC) project,

is implemented by Enabel (Belgian Cooperation Agency)


Actively contribute towards sustainable development and promotion of human dignity by designing, implementing and collaborating in projects and activities in a diverse range of areas.

Formed in 1988 as an NGDO in Portugal, in 2017 it widened to include Africa and Latin America as well. The results achieved have turned IMVF into a key stakeholder in different areas of expertise and intervention such as Cooperation and Development.
IMVF frequently partner with other organisations as listed below.

Nature Friends

Making their first link with the African continent through Landscape of the Year Senegal/The Gambia 2018 – 2020, International Nature Friends became involved with JUST ACT.  The first Kankurang Festival was timed to fit with this visit as reported here on this site :-Kankurang Festival

Through the success of this relationship JUST ACT now has a C category membership with them, meaning they are partners without voting rights.

INF's Mission statement can be found here

INF produce a regular newsletter and whilst every one is interesting and gives such a background to Landscape of the Year 18-20, these particular numbers demonstrate the developing and more importantly, continuing  relationship with Janjanbureh and JUST ACT

Access them here and scroll to the numbers

No 3.  Aims of the coming Landscape of the Year (LOY)

No 5.  Nature and biodiversity conservation in the LOY

No 6.  The coming plans  

No 7.  Manfred Pils, President of Naturefriends International relates his     experience of the opening ceremony

No 13 News from JUST ACT, partner organisation of NFI in LOY

No 16. Workshop on Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change in Koungheul

No 18. Landscape of the Year Senegal/The Gambia 2018 – 2020

No 19. The Landscape of the Year at a 2nd glance – personal impressions fromNF Bremen’s journey by Ingeborg Pint

No 20.What happened to our trees? A local inspection by Elisabeth Mathes

No 21. African women are a driving force for development: Encounters during a journey through the Landscape of the Year by Marie-Bernard Lefebvre-Dumont including women in tourism 

No 22. African women are a driving force for development: Encounters during a journey through the Landscape of the Year by Marie-Bernard Lefebvre-Dumont

No 24. The Kankurang Festival in Janjanbureh - The Landscape of the Year as a Catalyst by Ingeborg Pint 

No 27.Youth Exchange Janjanbureh/Koungheul – students as advocates for the environment

by Mamadou Mbodji/Vice-President Naturefriends International

No 28. Youth migration in The Gambia - returnees as important actors of sensitisation

by Ingeborg Pint

No 29 Naturefriends in Koungheul and their work

No 31. Two years of Landscape of the Year Senegal/The Gambia – success stories to celebrate!

Personal impressions of Claudia Lenius, Director of NaturFreunde Frankfurt/Main

No 34.Virtual trip to Senegal and the Gambia – a review

Additional material

These organisations frequently work together in partnership
and JUST ACT has benefitted from each and every one at some time

About Europen Union Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF)

addresses the root causes of irregular migration and displaced person in Africa. Enabel

More specifically, it helps address the root causes of destabilization, forced displacement and irregular migration by promoting economic and equal opportunities, strengthening security, development and resilience of vulnerable people.

  • Develop new ideas and market them

  • Build leadership and management skills

  • Improve manufacturing processes

  • Build business strategies and plans

  • Encourage collaboration and innovation


Go abroad or make it here? Make it here! The Tekki Fii campaign is a movement by Gambians, for Gambians. It’s about helping young people in the country to see the benefits of choosing to ‘make it’ at home rather than risk all that they have to seek opportunities in Europe through irregular migration. 

The Tekki Fii campaign is coordinated by the Government of The Gambia through the Office of the Vice President and technically supported by the International Trade Centre’s Youth Empowerment Project (YEP). It is implemented by EUTF


Activista The Gambia is a youth led civil society organization working to promote the rights of young men and women through empowerment, campaign and solidarity.

Activista The Gambia is providing training and marketing for youths in Janjanbureh.


Since December 2018, COOPI has intervened in Gambia to assist returning migrants and in particular to take charge of the mental health and psycho-social well-being of those who have suffered violence along the Mediterranean route.

COOPI works to increase technical and vocational training and socio-professional integration of vulnerable young people, potential migrants and returning migrants. It offers psycho-social assistance to those who have suffered trauma; it conducts information campaigns on the risks associated with the choice of illegal migration and on possible alternatives for personal fulfilment locally.  They work in collaboration with YAIM


YEP takes a market-led approach and sets out to strengthen existing youth development systems, structures and services to create employment opportunities.

It aims to scale up skills among youth in the workforce in response to market demands. The project offers possibilities for youths interested in moving into the commercial agriculture, service business or tourism sectors.

JUST ACT has benefitted in the past from :-

Putting Responsible Tourism into Action

At ASSERT, we are passionate about supporting our members to succeed. Encouraging them to trade fairly in the pursuit of sustainable development. And therefore, contributing to the conservation of the physical environment and the social and economic welfare of the community in The Gambia.

Just Act Gambia was a member of the previous ASSET and has benefitted from training opportunities with them over the years.  Adama Bah, the founder of the organisation initiated the establishment of our plantation and ASSET was responsible for organising and delivering part of the training for our tour guides in 2013. They have been an excellent source of support and we continue to work with ASSERT, newly formed in 2018. The setting up of the banana plantation was enabled through Asset and this is now providing the base for the development of a Poultry Farm

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