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Support our Female Football Academy to represent the region at NATIONAL level!

We have received notification from our Gambian Director Omar Jammeh that ''Just Act female football academy were playing an inter school Gala competition and won at regional level and are now representing the region at national level They are constrained with d3000.00 to purchase the shoes to be able to participate' This is roughly £50. They have been advised to purchase the boots from the local market AS SOON AS POSSIBLE We see our football academy of great importance for many reasons and it would be so sad if the girls were unable to participate because of inadequate and unsuitable footwear. Can you help us raise this money specifically for the purchase of boots. Raising more than the required amount would allow the purchase of better quality boots or can go towards the necessary additional costs. If in you reside in the UK and are a tax payer your donation will add 25% minus a small card admin fee. If you are not a tax payer this is still the easiest way to make a donation. You may donate via our My Donate page

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