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Update on funding for football boots for our female team

I am delighted to report that we have achieved our target of raising the required funds for boots for our female team enabling them to represent the Central River Region at National level. (See previous blog)

Report from Omar Jammeh received last night.

'We are facilitating the support and so far with the d3000. 00 the school authorities in consultations bought them 13 pairs of second hand shoes otherwise container shoes. Among the 18 female member team there are still an outstanding number of 5 players without shoes and also they are without a pair of jerseys but justact were able to lend out jerseys to both the male and female team. I suggest in consultations that if there will be any additional supports to be spend on new jerseys and additional 5 pairs of shoes

The boys are respectively representing the regional upper basic at the same competition ……...To cater the male academy with shoes priority to those who are without shoes'

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