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We are so proud of them

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I did not hear from the football teams yesterday and now know that both female and male teams playing for Janjanbureh Upper Basic School failed to make it through to the finals. I do so hope they do not see this as a failure. Please support them in knowing that they have achieved so much. This is a message I have sent to them.

'Please tell them they have achieved so much and immensely proud of them that they represented the CRR region. They have done far more than that. A whole community here in UK now know about them and supported them, even those who were unable to donate. You have all done a lot for raising awareness of Janjanbureh and especially of Just Act. Feel proud of yourselves and demonstrate that pride by striving even more to represent your beautiful island community which I love so much. Do everything you can for it. It is a special place and one where you can all play a part in its future development. Everyone one of you. You are our future leaders. By your very action with the teams you have also raised the profile of Just Act Gambia and more people know about us because of you all and I thank you all.'

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