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A look at a recent busy week+ for our Gambian Director, Omar Jammeh

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

In his role as Chairman of Central River Region National Youth Council and our Director, life has been busy!

Reports he has provided

Sat 9th July

  • Have a regional step down on FGM 14th - 17th July for 20 participants in Janjanbureh and working on calling my district chairpersons to send participants

  • A request received for IOM detailing a fishing proposal for the River Gambia suggested at a recent conference. requiring communications to obtain prices for a boat, fridge, motorbike, fishing gears, engine boat, coolers and safety materials for Just Act on or before Wednesday as dateline

Sunday 10th

  • Working on prices for fishing proposal

Monday 11th

  • Attends meetings at Governors Office

  • Receives notification that he is selected as Business Development Adivisor by GIPA/Empretec and asked to attend 10 days training in Kombos starting from Monday 18th July

  • Working on prices for fishing boat proposal

Tuesday 12th

  • Continues to prepare for End Gender Based Violence Conference

  • Pricing for Fishing Proposal and develops into full proposal

Wednesday 13th

  • Works with Alasan Jawo at the Youth and Sports Office at the Governor's on preparing materials for EGBV and FGM Conference ​

Thursday 14th

Working with Musa Foon on the poles for the expansion of the Women’s Gardens project. Over 250 sticks are cut for the expansion of 3 women garden in Janjanbureh and the implementation is coordinated by Just Act Gambia.

  • Reports on beekeeping project and sees hives are ready for harvesting

  • Continuing preparation for conference

Friday 15th

  • Invited to opening ceremony to End Gender Based Violence, in Janjanbureh.......Regional Training of Advocates on GBV opens in Janjanbure

A three day regional training of advocates on GBV kicks off in Janjanbureh on July 15th 2016. A forum spearheaded by Think Young Women and funded by UNFPA was basically centered on the theme: strengthening Youth Participation to end Gender Base Violence. ‘Speaking at the opening ceremony the chairperson of CRR RYC Omar Jammeh extended gratitude to TYW for the initiative taken to trained advocates on GBV nationwide.

  • On closing then had to organise a major cleaning of the environment for the following day initiated by JYFCA

Saturday 16th

On Saturday 16th one of our partners, JYMCA called for a major clearing of the streets of Janjanbureh.

The Youths of Janjanbureh from various structures come together to form a taskforce committee to excavate the drainage system of the Island for easy passage of water during the rainy season...... The exercise took place in the morning and was graced by a large number of the community, security forces and authorities respectively. Big thanks to Janjanbureh Area Council for the financial support, NEA for their technical and moral supports and our Honourable Ebrima Sufri Sarjo for the goat and an amount of d500 to the youths for lunch. Omar later received heartfelt thanks for his part in leading much of the organisation of this event.

Justice Saidykhan report

In what could be described as the most significant day in the annals of Janjanbureh history as Youths of the district earlier on Saturday morning came out in their large numbers to re dig the gutters of the island to enhance easy drainage system in the community.

A call made by the district chief Bakary Jam Jawo, was spearheaded by JYFCA in strong collaboration with JUSTACT, DSC, DYC, RYC, women kafos, NEA, Prisons, Police, Governor's office and was fully funded by Janjanbureh Area Council.

The event was graced by Regional Governor Alh Omar Khan, JJB chief NAM, S.O JJB Police station, NEA officials, Prisons officers and many other dignitaries.

In the wake of the set setal the MP of JJB Hon Ebrima Sarjo donated a goat with D500 to the youths.

We are indebted to each and everyone who had contribute immensely to the course.

God bless JJB

Sunday 17th

Sunday 17th saw the conclusion of a three day training Regional Training of Advocates on Gender Base Violence

attended again by Omar where he helped to award certificates. Justice Saidykhan report

A three day training workshop of advocates on GVB ends in Janjanbureh, central river region. A training program organized by Think Young Women in partnership with UNFPA was primarily centered on Gender Base Violence and FGM. Speaking at the closing ceremony Regional chairperson Omar Jammeh highlights the importance and success gained in the past three days. 'I am confident that the participants had all learned new things and I am sure they all would play a crucial role in the advocacy Jammeh stated.' He confidently assured his region's continuous support to TYW.

Mariatou Newlines, Program officer at TYW reaffirmed his organization's continuous support to CRR and said they would work toward empowering the youths in order to enhance their know how in the campaign against GBV. She applauded TYW partners for their great work and urged them to keep working hard.

Speaking on behalf of the Regional Governor, Alasan Jawo profoundly thanked the organizers for the opportunity rendered to his region to carried on the Training. He advised the participants to be good natives of their districts and to be proactive in their advocacy programs. On behalf of the Governor of CRR I have the singular honor to declare this training closed, Jawo concludes.

  • Late Sunday afternoon Omar travels to Kombos to begin 10 days training starting early Monday 18th...

Monday 19th

Attending Business Development Service Advisory Training from 18th-29th July 2016, at GTMI with Empretec Gambia/GIPA in partnership with Ministry of Trade and Employment and UNDP…………

Throughout continues to report and share on all aspects of youth development via Facebook and Twitter keeping all youth groups with which he is associated up to date.

Bravo Mr Jammeh!!!!

#OmarJammeh #JYFCA #Cleansing

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