• Jane Smith

Fencing the Women's Gardens

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Back in February Victoria Goodall, Jane Smith,, NAM (MP) Hon. Ebrima Sarjo and members of JUST ACT toured the three Communal Women's Gardens to see what they needed the most. Without fail they wanted to expand their gardens but this meant fencing was required. This has now been funded through Vic's sponsored swim last year. Now the rains have come the ground is suitable for progressing with the installation of the fencing. Members of Just Act and our Football Academy are helping with the labour which must be quite intensive!

Our Gambian Director sent these photos of yesterday's work at Wassulung.

"Work in progress at Wassulung women garden. The gardens are funded through just act and the work begin with the garden at Wassulung and the expansion consists of 60*40 square meters. The fencing will help to address the damage of crops in the garden."


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