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Today is a momentous day for JUST ACT!I

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

It is with delight we can announce the fishing boat and necessary materials are being handed over today, 24th December in the Kombos. This will provide meaningful employment for youths of the island as well as providing fresh river fish for the community using modern up to date methods.

Whilst the bid was not made by the UK Just Act Gambia charity, it was tendered by JUST ACT, a Registered Youth Organisation with NYC (National Youth Council). Our charity funded the extensive investigation costs which involved finding prices of all necessary equipment. With out the support of the charity and the increasing recognition and acceptance of it, this bid would have received less attention.

The boat will be handed over at Denton Bridge along with equipment. The charity has funded the travel of some JUST ACT members to witness this hand over and necessary extra fuel so it can motor to Janjanbureh.

Just Act Gambia would ask that our thanks and appreciation are passed to the IOC for their belief in our young people.We know they will fulfil it to the best of their ability. Thanks also go to NYC for the great opportunity that registration with you afforded this group.

Have a glorious day and please keep us posted with photos!

Image shows youths on previous sensitisation for this project

For details please see previous blog.

#IOM #NationalYouthCouncil #migration

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