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The new fishing boat begins its journey up river to Janjanbureh

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Omar Jammeh, Just Act Gambia's Gambian Director reports on this new project


Yesterday the young people of CRR benefited from a grant by the International Organisation on Migration IOM on fishing boat and its gear as support to JustAct Gambia Youth Group in Janjanbureh. The support came through our registration with National Youth Council, The Gambia and is the purpose of it is to enhance livelihood of young people, mitigate against rural urban migration as well the most alarming "Back way To Europe" and add value to the nutritional consumptions of the community and it's surrounding...... On that note want to seize this opportunity to thank the IOM office and NYC for the support and by extension to JustAct Gambia UK for their continuous support over the years."

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